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The MIG Story

"MIG Group is powering ahead and strengthening its position as a multifaceted and innovative business consultancy and entrepreneur masterclass provider.”

Group Chief Executive Officer, MIG Group

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There are many cautionary tales of how getting into business with family or friends can potentially destroy relationships, but the partnership formed between Dato’ Brian Wee, 42, and his childhood friend, Dato’ Stanley Wong, 42, has proven to be formidable and is growing stronger over time.

“We have had many differing opinions and clashes of ideas in more than 25 years of knowing each other,” said Dato’ Brian, Group Chief Executive Officer of MIG Group, “but we have learned to quickly and effectively talk them out and move on. We are able to do this because we know each other so well, and are committed to the same vision and values.”

Even now, the complementary nature of their personalities is clearly reflected in their roles. At MIG, Dato’ Brian as the Group CEO drives strategic business planning and blueprint mapping, while Dato’ Stanley oversees operations and finance as the Group COO.

The Early Years

The pair first met in secondary school and formed an instant bond. Both were top students academically during their school days, with Dato’ Brian being active in sports and Dato’ Stanley an avid historian who also dabbled in computer systems.

When they came together, their inquisitive business minds explored opportunities that brought in extra pocket money. Describing his innate entrepreneurial spirit, Dato’ Brian spoke about how he always had a keen eye to seize any kind of business opportunity.

“Any business solution that can solve a customer’s need is an opportunity. Our first partnership was at the age of 16, together with two other friends. We sold customized mixtapes on cassettes to our friends and schoolmates. In six months, we made a profit over four times the cost of the producing the tapes.”


At the age of 19, they started a tuition center to earn money to pay for living expenses and education fees while pursuing higher education. Although it was hard work, they discovered their passion for imparting knowledge and sharing information. Upon graduation, they decided to become full-time tuition teachers, picking up three skills from this early period of their career: the ability to identify talent, inspire people and secure attractive deals.

The tuition centre was a success; they opened several more and were raking in a five-digit income every month. Even after they sold off the business to move into real estate, the passion for sharing knowledge never faded. Dato’ Brian and Dato’ Stanley now regularly host private coaching masterclasses, namely, SEA (Science of Entrepreneurial Arts) and SEC (School of Entrepreneurial Arts) in China, for executives and business owners. Altogether, they have taught over 50,000 students and adults over 23 years.

Both entrepreneurs are sought-after speakers in the SME circuit, and have spoken extensively throughout Malaysia and given keynote speeches internationally, notably in Singapore and China. In November 2018, the World Chinese Economic and Investment Forum honored the duo as World Excellent Lifetime Achievement Award winners in the categories of Education and IT. In 2019, they were recipients of the Iconic International Excellence Award from Asia Success Inc, and Dato’ Brian received the Outstanding Leadership Award 2019 from One Caring Heart Malaysia (OCHM).

Their entrepreneurial passion continued to drive them over the years, and 15 years after they sold their first mixtape, the partners co-founded MIG Group, today a company with a multi-million Ringgit turnover and 38 companies spanning 10 industries.

According to Dato’ Brian, MIG is a multifaceted and innovative business consultancy and entrepreneur masterclass provider focused on helping SMEs improve their operational efficiency as well as fulfil their capital requirements through initial public offering.

“Our vision for transforming the SME landscape is powered by our unique business ecosystem, which we believe will be the next business disruptor. We aim to propel SME companies onto the next level of their growth and expansion plan by strengthening their business model, corporate structure and brand alignment. We have entered into joint venture partnerships with and offered business consultancy services to several homegrown brands such as HealthLand, Vinstella and Vivid Telecommunication, to transform the companies to gear up for IPO.”

Furthermore, in line with its vision to be a disruptive global group, MIG in 2019 has embarked on bold ventures in two major industries: oil and gas (O&G), and food and beverage (F&B).

New Frontiers

MIG seized the opportunity to diversify into the lucrative O&G sector through its affiliate WeConnect Tech International Inc (WECT) which acquired a 60% stake in integrated bunkering solutions provider GF Offshore Sdn Bhd, the first and sole bunkering operator in Lumut Port, Perak, and proceeded to sign smart partnerships with corporations across the O&G value chain. Subsequently, WECT took a 51% stake in an oil producing company, OZ Seventy Five Holdings (M) Berhad, to further strengthen its foothold in the industry.

Meanwhile, with China’s F&B industry posting a record high revenue of USD636 billion in 2018, MIG saw the opportunity to establish a partnership with China-based food procurement e-commerce platform Tong Ying Tian Xia (TYTX) to form and manage Tong Ying Asia (TYA). TYTX is a household name in China, boasting over 220,000 registered restaurants and more than 7,000 suppliers spread over 100 cities in China on its innovative platform which is promoting the factory-to-businessto- consumer (F2B2C) model. MIG intends to leverage on their scale and expertise to introduce a new procurement concept to the F&B industry here in Malaysia.

— Business consultancy & IPO
— Communications
— E-commerce technology
— Entrepreneur masterclass
— Oil & Gas
— Real estate
— Retail
— Wealth management
— Wellness

MIG has built a uniquely integrated business ecosystem, pivoting on innovative digital technology and smart partnerships.

On the plans for the future, Dato’ Brian said, “I am excited as we are on a fast-paced growth trajectory and on a constant lookout for new and exciting business opportunities in various industries. I believe that the Fourth Industrial Revolution era that we are in presents boundless opportunities for MIG to be a disruptive force, limited only by our imagination. I am excited to continue driving MIG in accelerating our growth locally and beyond borders in the Asia Pacific region.”

“To this end, it is not just about being in the right place at the right time, but also having the right talent to realise our dreams. I am truly grateful to be leading a dynamic team. They are key drivers in achieving our goals and together we will create a winning MIG culture where talent, tools and decision-making come together.”


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