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MIG Edu Group: Transformative masterclasses for driven entrepreneurs

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“A client of ours, a business owner from Penang, was having problems collecting payments from her customers, leading to the business encountering cash flow problems. After attending one of our masterclass workshops, she applied the principles learned in dealing with her customers, and voila – she was able to successfully collect advance payments from her customers and has been able to build a good cash pool for her business,” shared Dato’ Brian Wee, founder and CEO of MIG Group & MIG Edu Group. “And hers is one of many, many success story among the thousands that have come from our masterclass participants.”

The entrepreneur masterclass is the brainchild of Dato’ Brian and Dato’ Stanley Wong, co-founder and COO of MIG Group. The idea for the masterclass started when both serial entrepreneurs were constantly approached by business owners seeking for advice and mentoring.

Known as Science of Entrepreneurial Arts (SEA) and School of Entrepreneurial Arts in China (SEC), the classes are designed to be informative and inspirational, guiding executives and business owners on how to manage and grow their businesses to be profitable and sustainable.

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“We realised that there are many businesses based on great ideas that continue to face challenges in their operations, sustainability or expansion. We decided to share our tried-and-tested ‘disruptive’ ways of running businesses that we have been using in our own ventures by launching the masterclass and business consultancy.

“Some of our participants have great business ideas, but don’t know what to do with them. Some are well along their entrepreneurial journey and want to know how to scale their businesses, while others need more confidence and practical skills to build their brands or sales strategies.

“We draw from our personal experience of being entrepreneurs for the past 23 years to impart knowledge and practical knowhow to more than 50,000 students and counting, and help them achieve step major changes in their business transformation, turnaround or growth. As MIG is also always on the lookout for collaboration opportunities, many of SEA and SEC alumni end up being MIG’s business partners, so it is a win-win situation all around.”

The co-founders are principal coaches of SEA with a mission to mould an innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurial mindset among aspiring SME business owners. For entrepreneurs eyeing to venture into China, SEC, led by Dato’ Stanley, partnered with renowned Chinese business coach, Wang Chong, whose deep understanding of China’s business landscape coupled with his practical insights into the nation’s mindset makes him a leading authority on the behaviour, interests and trends of the Chinese market.

“Response to the SEA and SEC masterclasses has been so overwhelming that we sometimes have to turn down some requests to ensure that participants receive quality interaction opportunities. Entrepreneurs from various industries find value in our sessions as they actively engage in business networking and discussions, and share experiences, contacts and resources, all on a single platform.”

MIG Edu Group, an extension and affiliate of MIG Group, has big plans to bring the masterclasses across South-East Asia in the near future, in tandem with the group’s business expansion in the region.


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