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MIG Consultancy powering the SME industry

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MIG Group is strengthening its position as a business consultancy firm focused on transforming SME companies and propelling them onto the next level of their growth and expansion plan. The aim of the MIG consulting arm is to help our business partners in strengthening their business model, corporate structure and brand alignment to improve their overall operational efficiency.

“Our service is an all-encompassing exercise in which we delve deep into a client company’s inner workings to profile the organisation comprehensively and identify functional gaps before advocating for a multi-pronged, strategic approach that empowers our clients to transform their businesses.”

This includes the development of a business model that provides practical insights and proven methodologies covering business process improvement, operational best practices and organizational alignment, and improving core functions such as finance, marketing, investment, branding, human resources and technology.

“Ultimately we aim to help fulfil our clients’ capital requirements by listing on LEAP/ACE in Malaysia or on international markets. SMEs often lack the expertise to raise funds and MIG aims to close that gap between SMEs and their financing needs via the capital market.”

We have entered into joint venture partnerships with and offered business consultancy services to several homegrown brands, such as HealthLand, Vinstella and Vivid Telecommunication, to transform the companies in gearing up for initial public offering.

MIG Consultancy Team of Experts

Technology Specialist
Development of technology roadmap
System and IT infrastructure
System audit, recommendation and implementation
Finance and IPO Specialist
Financial diagnosis: 360° review of company’s financial health
Financial model optimisation
Operation finance management
Budgeting and financial projection
Development of investment and capital market roadmap
Communications Specialist
Brand and reputation management
Media strategy and planning
Data intelligence and measured growth
Content creation and management
Brand finance
Crisis management
Event Management Specialist
Event planning, marketing and management
Networking sessions
Building corporate culture
Human Resource and Talent Management Specialist
Full spectrum of HR management
Employees benefits
Performance management
Employees engagement, training and development
Building corporate culture
Development of investment and capital market roadmap

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