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Known as Science of Entrepreneurial Arts (SEA) and School of Entrepreneurial Arts in China (SEC), MIG’s masterclasses are designed to be informative and inspirational in guiding executives and business owners on how to manage and grow their businesses to be profitable and sustainable.

The idea for the masterclass started when our founders, Dato’ Brian Wee and Dato’ Stanley Wong, were constantly approached by business owners seeking for advice and mentoring. Realising that there are many businesses based on great ideas that continue to face challenges in their operations, sustainability or expansion, our co-founders decided to share their tried-and-tested “disruptive” ways of running a business.


Dato’ Brian and Dato’ Stanley have been drawing from their personal experience of being entrepreneurs the past 23 years to impart knowledge and practical know-how to more than 50,000 students and counting, and help them achieve step change in their business transformation, turnaround or growth.

The co-founders helm SEA with a mission to mould an innovative and forward-thinking entrepreneurial mindset among aspiring SME business owners. For entrepreneurs eyeing to venture into China, SEC led by Dato’ Stanley partners with renown Chinese business coach, Wang Chung, a leading authority on the behaviour, interests and trends of the Chinese market.

Entrepreneurs from various industries find value in our masterclasses as they actively engage in business networking and discussions, and sharing experiences, contacts and resources, all on a single platform.

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